About Us

Ecoplatform (Innovative Ecological Platform LLC) is a first Russian manufacturer of reverse vending machine intended for receiving containers for further recycling.

Ecoplatform produces and services its reverse vending machines, which are characterized by their reliability, accuracy and ease of use.

Our mission is to make empty container recycling affordable for companies, convenient and clear to consumers, and, thus, more widespread throughout the world.

We are already working with major beverage manufacturers and retail chains to promote our products and spread the culture of recycling in Russia and abroad.

Our company takes care of attracting people to the recycling of plastic and aluminum, offering extended options for users rewarding (from issuing funds to paying for various services and receiving gifts).

Ecoplatform machines emphasize the high social responsibility of our partners and help in attracting a new number of customers. Stations are also a good platform for advertising. Machine case can also be used for brand or products promotion.